EVENT: Feb/01/2018


It's about the experience and trying new things.

From Thursday the 1st of Feb, we're throwing out the challenge to complete the 80 different beers you need to try in 2018. To get involved, ask for a card at the bar, and travel your way through the 80 Beers in the 80 Days of trade we are open ending on the 23rd of May, 2018.

The card is broken into 8 sections of 10. Ranging from lagers through to stouts with everything in between. The last beer of each section is on the house, plus there are other freebies along the way.

There will be beers that will challenge you, some that you would never of thought of having and of course some old names that you haven't had for a long time that you rediscover their beauty.

To mark the occasion, if you complete the challenge, Hop will place your name above the bar on the prestigious Honour Board, showing your glorious achievement to all of the Hop world.

One beer a day for 80 Days. Come be a part of it.