EVENT: Dec/25/2016

You got the presents, but what about the beer?

The 25th of December is widely recognised as Christmas, but in Hop's books it is the day he shows all his family the fancy treats that beer has to offer.

The majority of the day is met with your uncle, who is a dedicated drinker of the red horse telling you that they all taste like fruity rubbish. But what are the right beer choices to make? The real answer is there isn't one.

See you need an all day beer, this year Hop will have one hand firmly wrapped around a nice light sour, something like NOMAD Brewing Salt 'n' Pepper Gose. The key to this is to refresh and cut through all the meat, seafood and sweets you will have to consume.

Then you need something to swing around for a bit of a showcase. Hop has locked a few in his cupboard for this day. A Holgate Wild Red, aged nicely in cellar temperatures. A sneaky Brooklyn Black Ops for the real beer heads in the family. Then Hop will finish with his final Panhead Vandal that he had stashed away.

Of course its important to have a good shared dinner option. A long time back Hop was also gifted a bottle from the lovely people at White Rabbit of its Wild Red Ale. This will be used.

Of course all this consumption can leave the pallet felling a little tired, so bouncing down to a straight easy pale this year will be key. Little Dove by Gage Road is where we will end.

Hey make sure you have a great Christmas, Stay Safe and enjoy yourself.
Remember all beer is a good beer if the person drinking it enjoys it, and make sure you have a look for some new releases in January.