EVENT: Dec/08/2016

Welcome to the festive season

December, December, December.

It is actually awesome. There is sunshine, friends, some christmas cheer, some christmas beer and most importantly a whole lot of time with friends and family.

Hop is in Full swing through December.

Wednesday nights we are opening up the laneway space with two food vendors a week. On local and one from out of town. Week one seen the rise of the HSP in Ballarat with the Kababalaki Boys doing their thing, and it was damn good. Make sure you stay up to date on our Facebook page for who will be attending each week.

Thursday at Hop is Bingo Night. If you haven't been please go to your google calendar now and add it in, it is a must do event for everyone. The combination of normal and musical bingo makes for a magical pub fusion of fun, bad singing and of course hilarious dance moves.

Every Sunday from 1:30 we have live music at the temple. It is great. We have a real hard time getting all of our jobs done between dancing, singing and clapping along to some amazing local and out of town artists.

Remember its best to book so give us a call!