EVENT: Jan/01/1970

Miss Pinky is ticking huge boxes

Somethings in life were just meant to be. This is one of them.

The boys from Braeside really know how to brew a Berliner Weisse, this Raspberry beauty by the name of Miss Pinky is spot on. "On a hot summers night" as if Hop was channeling meatloaf himself, the discussion revolved around just how good was this beer. Having stocked Miss pinky for some time and having some of Hops staff really get into it early, Hop focused on the benefits.

Miss Pinky is balanced, there is sourness but not so much its overbearing. there is sweetness, but not that artificial type that taste like a syrup. There is tartness, good carbonation and above all else a nice light mouth feel that wants you to wash that beautiful fluid back over your tongue.

It has another major advantage in the eyes of Hop. It is 3.4% ABV, this means there is no worries about having to many, feeling woozy or potentially being burnt out after one.

What do you eat with a beer so good? Pie.
The Hop Temple gluten free key lime pie is the way to go. The sweetness is matched great with the Pinkys sour and compliments to perfection.
Come in and try it out.