EVENT: Oct/12/2016

Hop Temple Growler Club

Well our growlers are finally happening!

We are pretty excited, not only because they look awesome, but it means every Wednesday night we have a new brewer, with a new specialty beer coming to our venue. We launched this week with Red Ducks Herr Duckshund's Munich Lager"; just in time for our Oktoberfest celebrations this weekend.

If your scratching your head thinking the only growler you have heard of isn't something you would drink beer out of, thats all good. A growler is a 1.89L vessel for taking away beer from our venue. Ours are big amber bottles. They last about 2-3 days unopened, but of course they probably won't make it through the night at your house.

This week we have the lovely guys from Holgate Brewing with their "Cascade Smash IPA. There is only 50 spots in total so don't miss out!