EVENT: Oct/23/2016

Panhead Draught Beer Comes To An End

Today we lost our final keg of Panhead Custom Ales Johnny Octane Red IPA.
Usually this would be a call for celebration, however with the recent sale of Panhead to Lion Nathan; the next time we can get supply is uncertain. It feels like being a child again and someone taking your favourite toy away from you.

Here at Hop we have seen 8 different Panhead beers come through our glorious lines, including the crowd favourite Supercharger APA and the staff favourite Grease Monkey Old Ale.

But don't be to down, We still have a large supply of bottled and canned ranged Pannys.

Supply is scheduled to return to Australia around the end of March, at which point we will let you know so you can come and experience the beauty of these great beers again.

Long Live Panhead.