EVENT: Mar/08/2016


Finally, Hop has awoken from the food coma set in by gorging on the delicious street food that was served up last Wednesday, and now we’re gearing up to re-enter the coma for the second week!

To say I treated myself would be an understatement. The Combination of Burritos, A Bagel and two serves of Rice Paper Rolls was certainly enough to have my stomach protruding.

It’s hard to contain the excitement about the next line up. Whether it’s the Giant Toasted sandwich you’re after, or a O.G Taco, I can’t see hump day possibly disappointing. Come food out with me, listen to some laid back tunes and enjoy the sun in our very comfortable pop up space. If you’re looking for a thirst quencher, Two Birds Taco is your saviour – lime, corn, coriander and BEER all in a bottle.

Accessible via the Hop Laneway things will again be kicking off from 5 pm.