EVENT: Oct/18/2016

Waking up the Sleeping Sun

Well, well, well. Look who is showing up. The sun may be way to late to even count but it seems like warm weather is on its way. Here at Hop we have been doing dances, prayers and even sacrificed a few wines (because regardless of how desperate the situation, we would never sacrifice a beer), to see a little sun.

These are exciting times, with an abundance of beer coming both on tap and into our fridge. Last week Hop ran 22 different beers on our taps. With Big inclusions like Big Shed Golden Stout Time, a beautiful rich caramel stout that is just like the ice cream; and the return of a crowd favourite Brooklyn Lager.

It isn't all about the beer, Hop Temples kitchen has been producing some incredible food as well. Jason our new chef has been frying, baking, smoking and grilling up a storm. All whilst managing to sample some brews along the way.

Hop has been improving the beer garden as well. It will change a million times by the end of the next week but watch this space!

Wear Sunscreen.