EVENT: Jan/01/1970

Hop keeps getting asked, What is the next trend in beer?

The sour game is full swing with this lovely weather, and damn this one has got Hop.
The beautiful people of Victory Brewing Company are sitting on our lips as we speak with this cracking Elderflower Berliner Weisse.
The Facts, It is as tart as your ex girlfriend, and even has a sour heart. But don't let this scare you off, the initial front sweetness helps balance it around for you.

Sour Ales have rapidly emerged into the market and are being consumed at a faster and faster rate. A lot of this is unexplained as to why, but the best reasoning Hop can put on it, is it is what Hop feels.

In this weather its very easy to Hop out, Consume so many large IPA's, IIPA's and monster APA styles that your palate just sort of says I'm over it. At this point most beers almost taste sweet with Hop Resin. This is when the sours come into play. Your palate grasps a new thing and its tart, it's spicy and usually sharp. It shocks your palate into life and fills it with adrenaline to consume. Maybe your back on a Pale Ale, Inevitably you will be back on the IPA. but you need that sour to get you back there first.

Where does Hop see the next beer trend in Australia going? Malt driven english styled real ales, beers that push so much malt onto you that it almost feels like its too much, but of course that is never true, perhaps nor will this prediction be!