EVENT: Apr/15/2017

The day our White Rabbit got Choc Stouted

It is hard to think of a better fit for the easter break. The weather is cooling down, Hops bones are starting to ache and Hop really needed something to sooth the soul. Call in the big Guns.

The lovely team town at White Rabbit have given the Hop Temple as one of 2 Victorian Venues apart from the Brewery, access to the brilliant collaboration with one of Melbourne's premium chocolate companies Panna Chocolate.
The brilliance in this Beer is not in getting knocked over with chocolate; Then rushed by a big alcohol punch. No it is far more subtle than that. It is smooth across the Palate. The is sweet. It is rich but not over powering. It doesn't give you a stomach ache and it will not make your head hurt the next day. Really it is just a great example of balance. Would we expect anything else from White Rabbit?

Looking to an unrefined smack in the face, this isn't for you. If you want to really look at the great delicate sides of life. Well damn come have a shot.

It is a limited species, so do not miss your chance!