Bits & Pieces

Rib Bites (gf)
Slow cooked & smoked pork loin ribs tossed in Hop BBQ sauce

Salted Caramel & Chili Bacon Popcorn (gf)
Cured bacon & chili salted caramel tossed w/ popped popcorn

“O” rings (v)
Beer battered & spiced onion rings – garlic mayo

Mac & Cheese (v)
Cheesy & tasty – baked & so yummy

Okra & Green Chili Poppers (v)(gf)
Chickpea buttermilk batter – chili spice & sea salt - garlic mayo

Pickled Shrimp (gf)
Cold pickled shrimp – fresh lemon & gluten free toast

Sidewinders (v)
Garlic mayo & spiced tomato chutney

Fried Chicken Nibbles (gf)
House spiced - buttermilk soaked & crispy fried drumettes & wings w/ choice of

#Mom’s gravy – mild
#Hop BBQ sauce (gf) - medium
#Smoked maple chili butter (gf) – sweet & spicy
#Smoking HOT house dry spice (gf) – VERY HOT

Director of the Board

Cheese Board
Selection of local cheese – soft – blue & hard - chopped fig – berries - toast

Charcuterie Board
Locally sourced & house cured meat selection – pickles – grain mustard – bread

Pit it to Me

Dry rubbed in house spices - slow cooked & smoked & served w/ slaw & pickles

Pulled Beef – basted in Hop BBQ sauce (250g)
Pork ribs – basted in Hop BBQ sauce (400g)
Sausage – Texan pork - basted in Hop BBQ sauce (220g)
Chicken – basted in Hop BBQ sauce (1/2)

The Belly Of The Beast – to share for 2 or more
Selection of all of the meats above w/ slaw, pickle & Hop BBQ sauce

Pizza – no other way to really say it (gf base available)

Classic Tomato (v)
Napoli – buffalo mozzarella – mozzarella - garlic oil & herbs

Roasted Potato (v)
Napoli - baby spinach – sweet chili – sour cream - mozzarella – garlic oil & herbs

Smoked Sausage & Feta
Napoli - kalamata olive - fire roasted peppers – mozzarella – garlic oil & herbs

BBQ Pulled Chicken
Napoli - mushroom – Hop BBQ sauce - mozzarella - garlic oil & herbs

Smoked Ham & Pineapple
Napoli - mozzarella – garlic oil & herbs

Between the Bread all w/ sidewinders (gf bread available)

Pulled Cow
Pulled beef w/ Hop BBQ sauce & slaw in baked bread

Pulled Pig
Pulled pork w/ Hop BBQ sauce & slaw in baked bread

Po Boy
Buttermilk battered chicken – crusty long bun – Hop BBQ sauce & slaw

Mac Attack (v)
Panko crumbed mac & cheese patty in a burger bun w/ slaw – Cheddar & garlic mayo

The Hop Burger
180g beef patty topped w/ bacon – cheddar cheese – lettuce
Tomato - pickles – chutney in a toasted burger bun
#Dub it (add an extra beef patty)
#Trop it (add grilled pineapple)
#Mac it (add fried mac & cheese patty)

Rabbit Food

Quinoa & Roasted Pumpkin Salad (v)(gf)
Roasted beets – pistachios – feta - fire roasted peppers - baby spinach
Simple dressing
#add – bbq pulled chook

Maple Cauliflower Salad (v)(gf)
Maple roasted cauliflower – pecans – dates – baby spinach
Simple dressing
#add – bbq pulled chook

The Sweetness only 6 bucks each

Hop Key Lime Pie (gf)
Non-bake & gluten free – almond & butter base – double cream limey Sweetness – wild berry coulis – OMG yum

Baked S’mores
Skillet chocolate & marshmallow baked to perfection & eaten
w/ Marie biscuits & deliciously so good

Grandma’s Chocolate Pecan Fudge
Chocolate goodness only my Grandma can give & now for you

Jam Donuts
Cinnamon sugared & sweet jam filled – these little babies will leave you wanting more

Vanilla bean Ice-cream (3 scoops)
Wild berry coulis & crunchy nut crumble