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EVENT: Oct/18/2017

Hoptoberfest every Wednesday in October!

The Beer Wenches aren't great, but the Beer is a solid 10!



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EVENT: Oct/21/2017

Live Music @ Hop Temple Ballarat

Live Music continues at Hop Temple Ballarat every Saturday and Sunday from 1:30PM!

EVENT: Apr/15/2017

The day our White Rabbit got Choc Stouted

It is a limited species, so do not miss your chance!

EVENT: Mar/04/2017

Laneway of Art at Hop Temple

Hop Temple activated one of Ballarat's most iconic alleyways with a Ballarat focused art and lighting exhibition.

EVENT: Feb/01/2017

Smokin' & Chillin'
Beer & BBQ at Hop Temple

Hop Temple is running a month long celebration of Hop's two favourite things.

EVENT: Dec/25/2016

You got the presents, but what about the beer?

The majority of the day is met with your uncle, who is a dedicated drinker of the red horse telling you that they all taste like fruity rubbish.